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The Importance of Hosting in SEO

The Importance of Hosting in SEO

Is hosting important for SEO?

In SEO, all factors are important and it is the sum of all of them, which makes your website a true friend of Google. Positioning factors are many, SEO friendly encompasses a multitude of elements. Some are easy to get and at the same time are little exploited as can be the case of hosting.

A good hosting has long been one of Google’s allies and, in truth, not everyone is aware of this reality. A good speed of loading web content, an IP address located in the country of origin of the blog or web, small or no hosting restrictions (disk space, mail, transfer) can give that extra point to your website over the rest.

I know it may sound like a little used SEO factor, but if you have doubts, read this article and go out of doubts so you can see that not only in Blog SEO we emphasize this type of positioning factors.

To differentiate a little the two types of SEO that exist (the two types of SEO majority), we can say that the White Hat SEO is trying to be friends with Google while the Black Hat SEO is trying to deceive Google.

Both are good for achieving goals in web pages but we always recommend that you do the White as it is more durable in time and is also almost impossible to be penalized by Google.

The Hosting, is part of the White Hat SEO and therefore, is a factor of easy use and will always work. If you are not an expert in SEO, trying to force the results in the SERPs can take you further than close in your own and results and we encourage you to two things:

  • Give yourself time to get results.
  • If you want to do Black, learn before you go crazy trying to win positions.

SEO Hosting, is it useful?

Focusing on the importance of hosting in the SEO result, it is important to hire good hosting plans to get good results. Three of the options that I like the most are Hostinger, Webempresa and Raiola Networks, which also recently conducted a great SEO contest giving € 5,000 prize and where this blog, was in second place with the search Raiola commands and not the panda, where for 25 days, great SEO Spanish-speaking fought to win the contest Raiola Networks.

Well, having one of those quality hostings is an important factor and we had that factor in our favor, which made us climb in the results.

In addition, this type of companies are aware of the variety and competition that exists in the sector and you can get discounts of up to 20% when hiring their services, which is undoubtedly a handicap when hiring a web hosting plan.

Of course, there is a large variety of hosting and what we want you to take into account is that the quality of hosting matters, and a lot, but the decision of where to buy or acquire such services is yours and you must be yourself who finds that perfect plan that fits your needs and especially your website.