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How to choose the best WordPress Hosting for your Blog

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Today it’s time to talk about how to choose the best hosting for WordPress. I’m sure many of you already have your own hosting, moreover, I bet some of you have tried more providers than me. If so, I encourage you to share your experience in the comments so that we can all learn from it.

What I was looking for before in a Hosting and what I’m looking for now

Before choosing a Hosting was a simpler task because everything was based on technical requirements:

  • Bandwidth
  • RAM
  • Disk Space

Come on, before choosing a Hosting was like choosing a Computer: “you took the one with the most of everything”. Many things you didn’t even know what they were, but it was enough to compare the rest of the competitors and stay with the one that offered the most.

Nowadays with the cheapening of the technology house any hosting offers you the technical necessities necessary to start a Blog. If you allow me, I believe that today the decision to hire a hosting is in the intangibles.

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And for me the intangibles star that make me decide for a WordPress Hosting are the following:

  1. Simplicity: It should be very easy to use. If I can do something with a click don’t beat me up. I don’t have time to waste!
  2. Support: Don’t open a ticket today and don’t answer me until after 2 days.
  3. Trust: I don’t have to worry about anything. If the server is down, I’ve been hacked or I have a virus… that I don’t have to deal with these problems.
  4. Extreme speed: I am increasingly obsessed with my Websites loading fast.
  5. Security: That backing up or restricting access is a matter of a click.

Most of these features are intangible although many of them do not seem so. And is that for example the speed I include it also as intangible, since there are many hostings that promise much in technical specifications (Bandwidth, RAM, CPU, etc) but at the moment of the truth they are very slow.

Fake WordPress Hostings More Than a Friend on Facebook

The first time I heard the words Hosting WordPress seemed to me a concept of laughter, like Hosting WordPress … A hosting is a server and period, whatever you put to run in the little matters. So I thought it was more of a marketing strategy than a technical solution that added value.

But of course, there are many who have made WordPress Hosting their mantra but they tell you without hesitation that the infrastructure is the same. Come on, you contract a WordPress hosting but it is like any other. Half a year ago I phoned a Hosting provider (I won’t say the name, I’m a gentleman) to ask them that I had their special WordPress Hosting and the salesman let me know that it was hosted on the same virtual servers as the rest of the plans. Ah! ok, then what the fuck are you selling me?

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The best WordPress Hosting I’ve ever tried in my life

I have contracted several hosting providers: MediaTemple, HostGator, Dreamhost, Interdomains, WPEngine, BlueHost, Hostalia, Loading, Mas Barato Imposible, Sered, etc.

But a year ago I discovered HOSTING, yes, with capital letters, but not of anger or scream, but with capital letters of emotion. Because SERED is the best hosting I have ever tried in my life. I’m sorry to go into the details but it’s worth it:

  1. Create the account. You pay and Boom!, your blog is ready to use.
  2. The Administration panel has just the necessary, easier to use can not be
  3. You can do several WordPress installations with one Click.
  4. Automatic backups without having to worry about anything.
  5. It is the service that has given me the best speed.
  6. Security: It has Malware detection and limitation in connection attempts in case someone wants to take control of your server.
  7. Support: Undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of Sered.

I have a discount coupon for 2 months hosting FREE, is: SERED. If you want to save money, use the coupon.

These are my tips for choosing WordPress Hosting and the experiences I’ve had with some providers. If you liked the review and decide to hire a hosting I’ll take a small commission to continue maintaining the Blog. I’ll be very grateful!