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WP Rocket VS WP Super Cache: Differences and which is best for your wordpress

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WP Rocket VS WP Super Caché, do you doubt your differences and which is the best?

Today your doubts about these plugins are over.

I have to say that I have tested both for years, so I’m going to tell you everything.


The main function of both WP Rocket and WP Super Cache is cache.

That is, create static HTML copies of your website, to avoid having to call the server, create the page in PHP and make calls to the database, each time you have to serve a URL.

In this case WP Rocket wins because it has full compatibility with WooCommerce and other ecommerce, so I don’t cache cart pages, payment and my account.

Obviously in the other you can do it by hand, but you must remember to do it.

You can also create separate caches for mobiles, which speeds up the loading for these devices.

In this case WP Rocket wins.

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Optimization of CSS and JS files

More and more cache plugins include functions for optimizing CSS and JS files.

WP Super Cache does not optimize any type of script, so I have little to say.

WP Rocket has different functions like minifying CSS and JS scripts, combining them and applying certain rules to make them load faster.

WP Rocket wins.

Image optimization

Images tend to slow down the web a lot and that’s why I put a lot of emphasis on optimizing WordPress images.

Some plugins already integrate this function, but it is more common that there are specific plugins for it.

WP Super Caché does not have any image optimization function, nor does WP Rocket.

But the latter applies Lazy Load, a technology that makes images load in a deferred way, which speeds up the web a lot.

Even though it’s only a short time away, it wins a rocket here.


Depending on how you use WordPress, the database can become very full of information and in extreme cases slow down the web.

WP Super Cache has no function to optimize the WordPress database.

On the other hand, WP Rocket does, so you can clean your own.

Remove reviews, drafts, posts, comments, transients, and more.

In this case Rocket wins again.

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If you have an audience outside the country where your website is hosted, you need a CDN.

Don’t confuse this with CloudFlare, it works differently, with its advantages and disadvantages.

Think that if you use one, you will have to change all the URLs of static files like CSS, JS and images for those of the CDN and that makes this type of plugins.

WP Super Cache has a function to use a CDN, although it doesn’t have much configuration.

WP Rocket also has a CDN function, so you can configure what I’ve told you, although this you can configure to serve files from different URLs.

I declare WP Rocket winner.


You should know that every cache or optimization plugin usually adds some settings to the htaccess file.

WP Super Cache only adds a few parameters so that its cache and CDN function work correctly.

On the other hand, WP Rocket also adds some parameters to activate certain technologies, such as enabling GZIP compression (Enable compression), the browser cache (Specify a cache validator), indicating how long static objects should be cached (Specify a cache validator) and many more.

WP Rocket is undoubtedly the winner, since it saves us a lot of time by not having to do it by hand and also not having to check that there are no bugs and everything is correct.


Some plugins usually have some extras that although not much, does help in certain tasks.

You won’t be able to see any extras in WP Super Caché, so nothing.

But in WP Rocket you will be able to manage and optimize certain tasks through addons such as Analytics, Pixel Facebook, Varnish, CloudFlare and others.

Here we give Rocket as champion.

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Quiet! I know you want to know the speed of these 2 plugins, to know which is faster.

You should know that both create a copy in HTML, so the speed no longer depends on these, but on what your hosting is able to serve your web.

If I had to decide, I’ll tell you that WP Rocket is faster than WP Super Caché, but only just.

I don’t take myself seriously if a web loads in 100ms, because the web speed fluctuates.

Here enter many more factors such as the hosting you use, the functions you have active in the plugins, the network and other factors.

I don’t want to say that among other cache plugins there are differences, but in this case there are not.


The price is important when using a plugin and even more if you have to pay annually.

WP Rocket is paid and you will have to go through the checkout every year, paying $49 if you have a site, although it is true that between promotions and offers in renewals, it is cheaper.

On the other hand, WP Super Cache is free, so you won’t have to pay for it.


Support is the most important thing when using a plugin of this type, since many problems can arise.

And watch out, this kind of problems can make you lose a lot of money, especially if you don’t understand the cache function well.

WP Super Cache has the support of the developers and the WordPress community, but you have to understand that it’s something they do altruistically.

You’ll have to wait for an answer, but if there’s no answer, that’s what there is and you should value it as well.

WP Rocket does provide support and by the way, they respond very quickly.

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WP Rocket VS WP Super Caché: My final opinion

My opinion about WP Rocket VS WP Super Caché is clear.

If what you are looking for is simply a cache plugin and improve the speed of your website without releasing a Euro, you can use WP Super Cache.

By the way, I leave you a WP Super Cache tutorial to learn how to configure it.

But if what you are looking for is the maximum optimization of your website, do as I do and buy WP Rocket, I assure you that you will not regret.

And by the way, I leave a guide for you to learn how to configure WP Rocket, although I warn you that the settings depend on each website.