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Tips and tricks to improve traffic on our WordPress blogs

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Almost desperately a lot of people try to position themselves quickly in the different search engines with their WordPress blog; this task is arduous and depends on the type of work we are doing in our environment, as that is the only way to get to position themselves quickly without falling into the realm of spam for these same engines.

Now, there are a lot of tricks that we could adopt at any time to try, capture the most quality traffic to our WordPress blog. On the Internet there are many online tools from which we could become beneficiaries, which can be presented completely free but, in other cases you have to make a subscription payment to use them.

Without a doubt, “keywords” are one of the most important elements when trying to get quality traffic on our WordPress blog, something we will mention right now with a few tricks and tips that you will surely take immense advantage of.

Search for the most visited keywords on the Internet

This is undoubtedly the best creative tool that we should implement in our WordPress blogs; if we use the well-known “keywords” perfectly well and correctly, then we should also be confident that very soon we will have good quality traffic. But how can I define which keywords I’m really interested in using?

If we have a blog that talks about technology, erroneously many people might think that this word (technology) is the one that has to be used for an infinite number of times within a WordPress post. While it is true that these keywords should be used with a relative frequency of 5% (approximately), if we fall into despair and place it every 10 words (hypothetically speaking) then our site will be catalogued as “poor quality” by Google. This simply won’t give a bad rating and therefore, we will have a bad quality traffic and maybe nothing of the same.

There is a website that has the name Wordtracker that you can use initially to find out which keywords are most relevant to you to use within your WordPress blog. As an example we have placed the word “Android”; the results are multiple, where we suggest which are the words most used with that term.

We could use some of them although, intelligently, given that this web application has been structured net and exclusively in English. In addition, Wordtracker requires a subscription to be able to use each of its functions; it is not necessary that we have to pay for it to use the basics, which represents obtaining certain statistics in our favor as suggested above.

However, you can also use Google’s native tool, this being AdWords; the interface of this tool has changed in recent times, being something a little more complete and complex at the same time when it comes to using its most important function. We recommend you to follow the following steps so that you can do an effective search, of the keywords that you would have to use in your website based on WordPress.

  • Go to the official link.
  • Click Sign in with AdWords.
  • Now move the mouse pointer to Tools.
  • From the options shown choose “Keyword Scheduler”.
  • From the new window that appears you should choose the first option (search for new ideas for keywords and ad groups).

Once this is done, we would only have to start filling in the different fields of the form shown there. The information you will have to enter has a lot to do with the theme of your WordPress blog, something you must have fully identified as this system is not something very intelligent to guess what you want to get. As it is just another Internet robot, it will offer you more complete results than what we admire in the upper part with the service we mentioned.

When you have filled in the different fields of this form, you will only have to click on the blue button at the bottom that says “get an idea”; a large number of results will be those that you will see immediately, among which you should try to review which are the most influential in terms of searches.

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Where to put the keywords in our WordPress post?

Once we have obtained the different results based on the keywords we will use, comes immediately the 2nd step to be able to execute. This represents the placement of these keywords in certain specific places within each blog in WordPress.

  • Images. Both the title and the alternative text in the images must contain these keywords, something you should not abuse to not be catalogued as a spam site.
  • Meta. There are also what are known as meta tags, which are generally located at the bottom of the editing area of a WordPress post. There you will have to give both the title and description and the keywords of the article, the same will be the ones that will be shown in the different search engines once someone has found us.
  • URL Link. The URL link that the WordPress post will be part of is actually the title you have given it. There you should also place the keywords but, with the help we got from AdWords, since there practically took it to show a part of the title that showed we had in our post.

Blacklinks in our WordPress blog

On many occasions you may have heard this word “Blacklinks” without knowing what it represented; these Blacklinks are actually external links pointing to your website; although many experts recommend that you subscribe in some environments so that you can be visited, they are no longer as effective as before.

We won’t mention which are those directories where you could subscribe with your WordPress blog, as they have currently come to host too many pornographic sites due to the effectiveness of their service for this environment.

What you can do without violating Google Adsense and its advertising policies, is participate in forums related to the theme of your blog. If you don’t know what our places are, you could start by looking for “Yahoo answers”, a place where points are usually offered to those who give help to questions raised about a specific topic. You would only have to navigate through its different categories, give a logical answer that you know and then place the link to your website for them to visit.

With this you will increase and improve your ranking, getting to have a good quality and positioning as well as, a traffic that will grow day by day but neglect these tips and the different publications in your WordPress post.