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How and why to change the Time Zone in our WordPress blog

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There are a lot of tricks that we could adopt at any time to attract quality traffic to our WordPress Blog, these tricks have to be based on the different statistics that are reflected in the visits we are having so far.

Relying on the tools of Google Adsense, we can get to notice the place from where we have the largest number of visits daily, and should therefore try to focus our attention and interest to that region. If we manage a WordPress blog, then we could modify its configuration to be able to place ourselves (virtually) in the same region we want to get to.

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What we gain with this WordPress trick

Possibly we will earn a lot, although the main thing is in the different schedules of publication that we contemplate for each one of our posts in WordPress. For example, if we are in some region of the American continent and the majority of our visits come from Europe, in a wrong way we would be making the publications if they are oriented to hours of the night and perhaps early morning. Remember that our visitors may be asleep (and without reading our news) the moment we publish a post at 9 PM.

So, if we set the same time zone from our WordPress blog to that of the region we want to orient our posts to, we’ll know exactly when we’re going to do this publication. Whether you are on the Desktop (Dashboard) or in the same environment of the Drafting of a Post, in that same environment you can see the time in which the draft has been saved and therefore, whether or not should make the publication at that time.