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Does Google penalize pages not optimized for mobile?

Does Google penalize pages not optimized for mobile

More and more people are surfing the Internet from mobile devices. The increasing power of tablets and smartphones has started a trend, which far from slowing down, continues to advance at a good pace. Mobile devices are already the most used when surfing the Internet around the world. (Source

Anyone who wants to buy a web hosting and set up their own blog, must bear in mind the importance of having a web optimized for mobile devices. And not only because it makes navigation easier for users of these systems, but also because Google has repeatedly stated that pages optimized for mobiles will obtain better results in searches carried out from mobile devices in their search engine while desktop searches will remain unchanged. (Source Google)

Another source that corroborates the above is the well-known web as shown by the study carried out in this interesting article in which it is effectively demonstrated that search results are only affected if it is carried out from a mobile device, the search remaining unchanged from a desktop pc.

How do I know if my website is optimized for mobile ?

To know if your website is optimized for mobile devices, the best thing you can do is run the test utility that Google makes available to everyone.

PageSpeed Insights is a valuable tool to optimize your website, showing you an index from 0 to 100 with which you can know what aspects to improve, both in loading speed, as in the versions for mobile and desktop of your website.

What affects the score the most?

If your website is made with WordPress, what most affects the score of your site in Page Speed Insights is undoubtedly, the template you’re using.

Today there is a wide variety of responsive design templates and you should have no trouble finding one. We advise you to visit Themeforest website and try the demo of the template you are interested in to know if it works well on mobile.

Choose an optimized template: There are big differences in optimization and speed among the many templates available to alter the appearance of a WordPress blog and you should choose one that guarantees a high score, both in speed and optimization for mobile sites.

Server Speed: Another decisive aspect is the hosting you choose, because if it is slow, PageSpeed will indicate it to you as one of the factors that reduce your site’s score. If the website takes a long time to load, you will be indicated with a message on the screen.

That’s why we advise you to choose the best hosting you can afford, as this will have a positive impact on search results.

Minimize everything: Another reason for a low score is not to minimize the CSS and Javacript of your website. For this you have at your disposal numerous WordPress pages and plugins for this task.

Optimize the images: It is important that the images of your website are as light as possible. This will make your page load faster and have a positive influence on the search engine. You can use services such as to optimize the images of your website in a very short time or use a WordPress plugin such as