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Buy Cheap WordPress Themes

Buy Cheap WordPress Themes

Buy WordPress Premium themes, it is necessary if you want to give your website a look and personality of its own. I’ll explain why I think so.

WordPress templates are one of the most outstanding features of this CMS. The ability to completely change the look of your website with a mouse click is something that is really attractive.

On the net you have a wide variety of free and paid templates to give personality to your website. Although the free templates that are available can get more than one out of trouble, the truth is that if you want to give your page a professional look and attract the attention of visitors, you will have no choice but to go through checkout or resort to illegal methods to get the templates.

The danger of nulled (pirated) WordPress templates

On the Internet there are quite a few pages where you can buy WordPress themes. If you don’t want to spend the money, you can manage with pirated payment templates, which many do not hesitate to try and even install permanently on their websites.

Many, if not all, of these templates are infected with some kind of malware or modified in some way, always to the benefit of those who made them available to anyone who wants to try them.

They can be hidden links pointing to one of their websites, it can be a malware programmed to perform some malicious function, the fact is that almost nobody gives away material of this type for love of art, and if you install one of these templates, keep in mind you must carefully check for any anomaly.

We insist, unless you get the template from a trusted source, be absolutely suspicious of payment templates obtained from websites of dubious reputation. If you value the integrity of your website and the trust of your visitors, bear this in mind.

Where to buy WordPress themes?

Let’s not beat about the bush. The best places to buy WordPress templates are Themeforest and Elegant Themes.

Buy themes at Themeforest

At Themeforest you have at your disposal an infinite number of templates with a really great variety of designs and we find it frankly difficult not to find one that fits what you are looking for. You can also see examples of how a website would look with the selected template using the available demos.

This will allow you to get a pretty accurate idea of whether the design fits what you’re looking for, and also with all the peace of mind of knowing that the subject you’re looking at is absolutely clean and free of malicious code.

Buy themes at Elegant Themes

What sets Elegant Themes apart from the other WordPress template sales pages is that it offers all the themes for download with any of the 3 subscription plans available. The cheapest one costs $69 per year and offers access to all templates during that time as well as technical support.

That means you would have the right to download all the templates for less than $1 each for a year. If that’s not a bargain…

The $89 per year intermediate plan also includes access to plug-ins developed by Elegant Themes and Photoshop PSD files for convenient graphics editing.

Lifetime Access offers a one-time fee of $249 for lifetime access to all Photoshop templates, plugins and files. It may seem like a high payout, but considering everything you take, it’s not that high.

A template in Theme Forest is usually around 50 dollars. In Elegant Themes for 249 you get 87, it’s not bad business if you’re really going to take seriously the creation of blogs in WordPress and you know you’re going to take advantage of it.

Is it worth paying for a premium template?

Obviously it’s a really personal decision and only you should decide if it pays off. If you are a professional at creating WordPress pages for clients or yourself, my answer is that it is worth it.

The most important aspect that compensates for the cost of a template is knowing that it is free of malware and malicious code. That will save you a lot of time and headaches, because as I said, 99% of the premium templates available for free download have been modified for some obscure reason.

It has happened to me and I have experience with it. You can use them for testing, but if you’re serious, choose to buy one legally. In the long run you’ll appreciate it.

The average cost of a template is about 50 dollars, and in return you will have updates and support from the creators of it, something that gives quite peace of mind when you’re trying to make some changes and do not know how. In that case the creators can help you make the change at no additional cost.

In addition, the designs are usually much more attractive than the free templates, something really important when it comes to providing a differentiating look for your website or that of your customers. As soon as you make a profit with your pages, the cost of a template quickly pays for itself and you can also mount it on as many pages as you want.

In short, buying WordPress themes is not a waste of money. You gain in security, peace of mind and also give a professional and unique look to your website. In any of the two pages that I have proposed you will find a multitude of designs and sure that one fits what you’re looking for. Decide well because there are many and very good!