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Cheap hosting for wordpress site

You’re here because you’re looking for cheap wordpress site hosting. Congratulations! You’re in the right place. And why do I say that? You’ll find out in the next few lines.

Cheap wordpress hosting website

Is a cheap wordpress hosting website compatible with the quality we want to give to our website? The answer is yes.

Then what is the problem? The problem is that hosting companies show ads on TV where everything is good, nice and cheap, and then it is the opposite. Don’t trust these companies. That hosting you have bought is damaging your online reputation, your web positioning and your project.

How to know if a hosting is of quality

If you want to know how to hire a cheap and quality hosting you should look at the following technical characteristics of the server:

– Storage space
– Monthly transfer
– SSD disks

When analyzing a hosting you should take into account the amount of CPU and RAM allocated. There are misleading offers that indicate that you can have unlimited sites and disk space and it turns out that with a single site with wordpress with Elementor it consumes the CPU and RAM and the site falls.

Load speed is a very important factor when positioning in Google and to offer a good user experience.

It is interesting (or important) for them to have a good support and customer service, because it is possible that in many cases you have to make a query or solve a technical issue. They must be fast and efficient. Normally you can contact the support by email, tickets, chat and phone.

At we analyze and compare the best web hosting so you can make the best decision for your digital project.

bluehost cheapest plan

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Create a free website without hosting

Can I have a website for my business without hosting? Yes, it is possible to create a website without hosting, but how is this? The answer is Google. Google is offering a new service to local businesses free of charge, and it includes a website. In addition, it still owns a blogger who is also free.

Here’s how to create your “google my business” account.

Google My Business

If you have a local business and are thinking of creating a website, but do not have the budget to hire an agency seo you can check “Google my Business”. This is a free service offered by Google for small local businesses such as restaurants, cafes, greengrocers, small supermarkets, hairdressers, beauty clinics, dental clinics, law firms, medical clinics and any other sector.

What you have to do is visit the following website

From there you can register your business. Then you will have to verify that it is a real business. You can do this by phone or by mail. If you have chosen the latter option, you will receive a letter from Google with a pin code.

Once inside the panel, you can optimize your business file with all the information you need, time, phone, email, website, photos, descriptions of your business, answer customer reviews, upload products, upload discounts, create content for your customers, and future customers, etc.

If you don’t have a website, you can create one with all the content mentioned above. Although it is a pretty basic website, it is created in a minute and totally free. To make you understand that it is simple, even a child could create a google website with “google my business”.

Another advantage of the tab of google my business is that you can see the statistics of the searches they do on your business or sector, the calls you receive per day, week, month or quarter, from where you are searched in your city or zip code, so you can create ads on google ads or facebook ads segmented according to the profile of your ideal customer. Still think that this is not for you?

No problem, surely your competition is already managing their own file and will be generating new customers.

As we said before, it is very easy to create a free website for your business with “google my business”. You must keep in mind that it is created in a subdomain (what is a subdomain) of the style

If you want to have your own domain (what is a domain) you can buy it directly from google at Your own domain will give more “brand image” to your business. You can buy a domain with your business name as long as it is available, if not, we leave you a guide with 8 Rules for Choosing the Perfect Domain.